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About US

We are a group of professionals who are associated with the construction industry which tries to promote sustainable and economical constructions. Our group consists of engineers, architects, land surveyors, quantity surveyors, lawyers, wood craftsmen, steel craftsmen, masons, electricians, plumbers and other contractors. Our mission is to supply these services related to the construction field to all people at an affordable price. It will reduce the wastage thus solving many problems related to construction filed.

Our group is ready to undertake any kind of construction related service as well as full projects, seeing it through from the beginning to the end. We always prefer to supply you with the best services guaranteeing 100% customer satisfaction.


 Approach and Story

The main purpose of creating the Thames Homes company is to give economical solutions to the people who are not aware of the construction field. In many cases we have noticed that when creating a building or a house most people are not aware of using correct consultants as well as financial solutions. One of the most common things which we have noticed is not having proper planning, over-paying contractors, not having skilled labour, not having proper consultancy and technical knowledge, poor and wrong material usage, not having proper pre-planning and bank loans and cash flow interruptions. Most of those problems occur due to lack of knowledge about schematic planning and fear to consult proper consultants.


By working under proper consultancy, we can avoid technical failures and design a building which suits our wishes and economic background. The common fear in the current society is high consultancy fees and not having proper knowledge about building consultants. But, we  can avoid extra costs if we could go through a proper pre-planning. Our main aim is to provide these services at minimal cost and according to the economical background of the client. This will open paths for everyone to access the best consultants (including Architects, Engineers and lawyers etc), planners and constructors throughout their projects for a reasonable price.

Our main stages of constructions and services we supply

· Initial Consultation

· Site visit and consultation

· Design development

· Construction

· Competition and Providing other services